About Jen Kae (NASM-CPT)


In effort of seeking more meaning and fulfillment - Jen Kae flipped a 180 on her life in 2017 to reinvent herself and her life. She bravely walked away from an 18-year career in the Pro Audio industry, to pursue a mission-centered profession; helping others achieve the transformation they desire by taking their Health and Fitness to the next level.

Everything she has learned in the last 20 years, both formally and informally out of a personal interest of health & fitness, she is now passing on to others with the mission of empowering others to live as fully and meaningfully as she is. 


Jen earned her Personal Training Certification through NASM 

(National Academy of Sports Medicine), the world leader in fitness certification programs.

She has also studied at the Institute of Transformational Nutrition, 

the Ivy-league of Nutrition Coaching schools.


Jen started her Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching business in early 2019. She had spent two years in a hands-on apprenticeship with a Master Trainer learning the ins & outs of training each muscle group to change one’s overall body composition.

She also competed in two Fitness Competitions in the Spring of 2019, where she experienced first-hand what it takes to reduce body fat while gaining muscle.


Jen Kae's Philosophy

  • Our STRENGTH, POWER, and WISDOM are found in the Present Moment. Mindfulness, Meditation, and Working Out are great conduits to tap into our Power.
  • The struggle is part of the process, and it’s necessary if we want progress and growth.

"In the middle of every difficulty lies Opportunity"  - Albert Einstein


Jen Kae's Values

  • Growth
  • Self Care
  • Mindfulness
  • Empowerment & Ownership
  • Self Observation & Self Regulation